Four Levels of A Fight Between a Lion & a Crocodile

A Fight Between a Lion & a Crocodile Four Levels

A Fight Between a Lion & a Crocodile (Lion Crocodile) is a nature story. That is related to the natural events of animals.

Four levels of A Fight Between a Lion & a Crocodile – Literal Comprehension, Interpretation, Critical thinking/analysis, and Assimilation are mentioned below:

Literal Comprehension

This story starts with the journey of the narrator. One day the narrator & his friends sleep on the bank of the river in the late evening.

They heard different kinds of sounds. Job told them to look towards the water. They saw the lion & lioness signing eyes with each other from 15 feet away.

Leo fired at the lioness & she died. A fully grown lion (male) was to step behind her.

Suddenly, that time a crocodile cut him in the leg. They did fight for a long time, the lion felt to defeat the crocodile & died, after some time the crocodile died as well.


Maybe this story is trying to tell us that there are many beautiful as well as stunning things in the world. All animals are important in their respective environment and places as well as they are closely related to their environment.

Also, it shows all the animals have a relationship with their respective place as well as their environment. Where the lion is the king of the jungle but the crocodile defeats him in the water, which is not the kingdom of the lion.

Critical Thinking

In terms of a positive point of view, this story is interesting to read to the readers. Where it showed the natural beauty of the world. However there are some doubts in my mind,

  • How can a person easily fire a lion from the near?
  • Also, How can people feel safe in such a place?
  • Similarly, How is it possible for the crocodile to defeat the lion?
  • Is the crocodile more powerful than a lion?


After reading this text I am fully convinced that all animals are equally important in the eco-system. Every animal has its importance in its place.

But if they go from place to place with other animals, they will be defeated. Therefore, every living thing can identify its habit, act, and live accordingly.

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