Four Levels of Don’t Cut Down The Trees, Brother Woodcutter

Don’t Cut Down The Trees, Brother Woodcutter

Four levels of the poem Don’t Cut Down The Trees, Brother Woodcutter is as follows:

Literal Comprehension

The poem “Don’t Cut Down The Trees, Brother Woodcutter” was written by Nepali writer Balkrishna Sama and translated by Michael Hutt.

The poem is about the conservation and reforestation of trees. In this poem, the trees stand for the dead mother because they are not able to express their feelings.

The trees are always protected from natural calamities and disasters. In our childhood days most of the time, we used to play around the trees and also used to climb.

It gives us fruits and flowers. According to the poet, we are all gathered inside homes in the winter season and we burn fire, talk, sing, and dance, and the trees are used to seeing and listening to our activities and enjoying and blessing all human blessings to live a happy life.

They wait until the winter ends to see sunshine childhood, and as soon as they again spread out their arms and indirectly request us not to cut off their arms.


The main theme of this poem is the conservation, and reforestation of forests or trees. The poem reflects on the importance of trees, why we have to conserve them, and what is important to them.

Trees help balance the ecosystem and protect us from natural calamities. As it provides fresh air to us humans. Also, the writer suggests conserving the trees to make our present life and future life plus for the next generation.

Critical Thinking

This poem is interesting to read and also it gives good knowledge about the importance of trees, the environment, and the ecosystem.

However, when I read this text as a critical thinker I am not satisfied with some of its points:

  • Is it right for all human beings to be compared with trees?
  • How are the trees the dream about the sunshine childhood of human beings?
  • How they are conscious of human welfare?
  • Similarly, How do trees have senses like human beings?


Before reading this text I did have not good knowledge about the importance of forests, trees, deforestation, reforestation, eco-balance systems, etc.

But after reading this text I know I have to learn about that type of thing and I have decided to share this information with all to conserve it to save our future life.

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