Four Levels of Great Scott! Gadzooks!

Great Scott Gadzooks! Four Levels

Great Scott Gadzooks is a poem related to the TV’s merits & demerits watched by children. Four levels of this poem are given below:

Literal Comprehension

Great Scott Gadzooks is a poem by Roald Dahl (1916-1990). In this poem, the narrator is talking about the merits & demerits of watching TV by children.

The children become dull if they watch TV for a long time. They used to see the screen of the TV constantly. They never do physical activities such as playing, running, jumping, etc. If they find a TV they can stay in front of the TV for a long time until their eyes shut down.

There, they find ready-made things so they do have not to use their mind and brain to learn something. So, they lose creativity, also TV hypnotizes the children. It makes them drugs.

But, if the children watch TV they never fight, climb on the window, sit silent as well as never do such bad activities.


Maybe the Great Scott Gadzook’s poem tells us about the demerits of watching TV. We are wasting our important time watching TV.

This poem is reciting us in those days when the TV had not been invented. Firstly, this poem is telling about losing our creativity by watching TV. Second, this poem tells us about losing our thinking capability by watching TV.

Third, this is telling us about spending our important time watching TV. So, we need to be aware of it.

Critical Thinking

Yes, I found children watching television for a long time, but I never found such a child who becomes dull by just watching TV.

Despite this, I found the child being more creative & thinking about the show by watching educational programs & other creative programs which helps them in their study.

And, I have a question, are all channels of TVs only showing custom & serials? Can they not show educational programs?


I knew the demerits of watching TV with children. I knew that they become dull if they watched TV for a long time. And, I become happy by knowing the ways to keep busy our children without letting them watch TV.

So, I will control them to watch it. I will tell them interesting stories instead of giving them the time to watch them. I will give books on their birthdays & other occasions. And, I will develop a very educational environment in my society.

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