King David’s Crime Four Levels and Summary

Four Levels of King David’s Crime

King David’s Crime four levels are mentioned below:

Literal Comprehension

The story ‘ King David’s Crime ‘ is taken from the Holy Bible. In this story, King David sends Joab into the battle with his commanders and servants & he stays in Jerusalem.

In the evening David arose from his bed & walked upon the roof of the King’s house, from the roof he saw a beautiful woman bathing herself. He sent to inquire about a woman, Bathsheba wife of Uriah.

After knowing he wants to lay with her. When she became pregnant he asked Joab to send Uriah.

When Uriah came to the palace & the king told him to go to their home but he didn’t go to his home & he said to the king all my commanders had been on the battlefield.

Then the king sent him to the battlefield with a letter to Joab saying that sent him in front of the battlefield. In the battle, Uriah & his commanders died.

This message was sent to the king’s palace & Bathsheba mourned her husband, mourning over the king who married her & she bore him a son. After the king’s activities, the Lord was displeased with the king.


May this story is trying to show us the cruel as well as merciless behavior of King David. It shows that the king misused/ overused his power which affected the misfortune of the people.

Also, maybe it is interpreted that everyone tries to be free from rules and wants to live a free life. Similarly, it shows the nature of the king.

Critical Thinking

The story from the moral and religious point of view is not well appreciating or believing whatever the king has done. But in the modern world, many people are not following others’ rules as well as trying to be free.

Where they use their own rules to achieve their desires. But in the story, King used ordinary people’s rights for their benefit. And, people are unfortunately in the problem. Hence, I am not fully satisfied with this text.


When I read the story “King Davids Crime” it reminded me of the events of political activities. Where the politicos used their servants & general people to earn their name at election time.

In this way, the servants & ordinary people do whatever to fetch their required position, because they have some hopes for the politicos to do something for us.

But, when the politicos win, they use their rights, and power for their benefit, not for the people & development of the country. The same condition is displayed in this story where the king used their rights for his benefit.

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