Four Levels of Sheps Hobby – Compare and Contrast with Stickeen

Sheps Hobby Four Levels

Four levels of the story Sheps Hobby are given below:

Literal Comprehension

In this story Sheps Hobby, there is James a narrator, a vet, a cow named Rose, and a dog named Shep. This starts when the narrator goes to Mr. Bailes’s house to treat Rose, she is suffering from stomach trouble of an unknown nature.

As the narrator walked near the wall, suddenly Shep jumped and frightened the writer. He treats the cow. Next, the day writer also comes to the farm of Mr. Bailes to see the condition of the Cow.

But still, she does not out from the stomach pain. Seeing this the writer felt some hopelessness. And, this time, the also dog barked at him.

Again next day, the writer comes to the Bailes’ house but this time he sees the cow in good condition. She runs on the farm. He felt happy. But it is the work of the postman who cured the cow by making her run or galloping her.

Then, the writer goes to the kitchen of Mr. Bailes to wash his hands, but again dog frightens him. But this time he was so angry and threatened him.

Then, again the next day the writer comes to the house of Mr. Bailes but this time the dog does not react to him. And, seeing this the speaker (narrator) was happy.


This story is trying to show us nature and the habits of animals. And, their relationship with humans. In this story, Shep was presented.

It says animals also have their way of making entertainment. They have also a sense of the human being, they understand what we do, and what we speak, as well as they feel pain and pleasure, as Shep has done.

So, maybe it says we human beings do not think we only have the feeling of pleasure and pain, in addition, we should think animals do also have.

Critical Thinking

This story is interesting to read. Where it shows the relationships between animals and human beings.

However, after reading this story, I am not convinced by some statements in the text. And it creates some questions in my mind. They are:

  • Can we believe a dog takes entertainment by barking at people?
  • How can the dog understand the threat of humans?
  • How is it possible to stop a dog from barking after threats from a human?
  • Do all dogs have senses like the Shep?

In this way, it created some questions in my mind.


Before reading this  ‘Sheps Hobby’ story I always used to think that a dog has no thinking ability like us. And, I used to threaten them as I needed.

But after reading this story I realized that I have made a big mistake with dogs. I have decided from now on not to do this type of activity and to make a good relationship with the animals.

Similarities and Contrast between Sheps Hobby and The Stickeen

Compare/Similarities between Stickeen and Sheps Hobby:

  • Both stories try to show the behavior of the dog.
  • After threatening both dogs become too much obedient.
  • At first, both narrators do not like but at last, they love them.
  • Both stories try to reflect the intention or hobby of the dog.
  • Both stories give a message to the readers that animals have also human abilities as well as friendship nature.

Contrast/Difference between Sheps Hobby and Stickeen:

  • The Shep was a large dog but Stickeen was a small dog.
  • The Shep used to bark at strangers but Stickeen used to follow them.
  • Shep takes entertainment by frightening strangers but after doing hard work Stickeen used to take entertainment.
  • The Shep always stays in the house but Stickeen used to go on a journey outside.
  • Until the last of the story, Shep stays with the owner but at last of the story, Stickeen is stolen by others.
  • The story Shep’s Hobby is written by James Herriot and Stickeen was written by John Muir.

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