Four Levels of The Cabuliwallah Story

The Cabuliwallah Four Levels

The Cabuliwallah is a story by Rabindranath Tagore (Indian Writer), who was a famous Nobel prize winner. Four levels of the Cabuliwallah are:

Literal Comprehension

The Cabuliwallah is a story written by Indian writer ‘Rabindranath Tagore‘. In this story, he shows the relationship between Mini, a five years old Bengali girl, talkative girl, and Abdur Rahman, Cabuliwallah, a peddler, a poor man, who used to sell things & fruits along with the street of Bengali.

When the writer used to write a novel Mini entered the room of the writer & used to chatter with him. One day, when she saw a peddler Abdur Rahman she said Cabuliwallah, Cabuliwallah.

When the peddler came into the house of Mini, she was afraid & hid back of her mother. The narrator bought some things. After selling peddler wants to meet with Mini & they met, this is their first meeting. They enjoyed that meeting & talked about many things, Mini also used to talk about her father-in-law because she did not know about that.

In this way, they started to meet regularly also the peddler used to give some fruits to Mini without taking any money. But, one day Rahman was arrested on the charge of the murder case for eight years.

After eight years again Rahman wanted to meet Mini as well as again make friends with her. And he goes to the house of Mini.

When he reached there was her wedding ceremony. He asked the writer to meet her. But at first, he denies it, again Rahman used to request him. When he said, when I see, meet her I used to feel that I meet my daughter.

In this way, they again met, but this time Mini was ashamed because she knew about father in law. At last, the writer gave a 100 rupee note to the Rahman cutting from the wedding ceremony & said that go to meet your family.

Also see, the Cabuliwallah Story video by Rabindranath Tagore:

Cabuliwallah by Rabindranath Tagore


Maybe this story is trying to show us the relationship between two strangers (Mini & Abdur Rahman). The condition of poor Asian people is that they are compelled to live their lives doing hard work as well as going away from home.

Also, it says, anger ruins human beings. In this situation, Rahman is presented as who was strapped to his customer for not giving his credit money.

Also, this story shows the open-minded nature & humanistic feelings of Rabindranath Tagore & Rahman. It also suggests that we must have to control our attitude towards foreigners & strangers.

Critical Thinking

This story is interesting to read to the readers. Also, it gives a real picture of the relationship. However, I have some questions about some statements in this text,

  • How can a parent allow their children to meet and make friends with strangers or foreigners?
  • Is it possible to find such a person like Rabindranath Tagore in the present world who gives money to others cutting from the wedding ceremony?
  • Also, is it possible for the peddler to give things to the Mini without any cost?
  • Similarly, is it possible for the peddler to meet every day in Mini?
  • And, how can we believe 13 years is appropriate to be involved in marriage?


Before reading this text I used to think that peddlers are cheaters, they are only doing for money, they have lousy thinking as well as whatever they do their aim is to relate to earning money.

But, after reading this text I came to know that they are also honest towards other people as well as they also work for the relationship. So, I have decided to make relationships with peddlers or like a Cabuliwallah person.

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