The Library Card Four Levels

The Library Card Four Levels

The Library Card is an education-related story by Richard Wright. This story shows the importance of education in human life.

Four levels of The Library Card – literal comprehension, interpretation, critical thinking/analysis, and assimilation are mentioned below:

Literal Comprehension

The essay ‘The Library Card’ was written by Richard Wright (1908-1960).

One morning he reads an article on H.L. Mencken. He likes that article so much. He makes up his mind to read more books by that writer.

Then he approaches one of the Catholic English officers with whom he had already got books from the library. Mr. Falk lends him a library card.

When he entered the library by ranging this library card the librarian looked at him doubtfully, however, gives him two books by Mencken.

The books were named A Book of Prefaces & next Prejudices. He read those books. He was inspired to write like the author but he realized his inability.

However, he borrowed more books to make himself educate. Then he starts identifying himself through those books.


Maybe this essay trying to show us the importance of education, library & library card in the life of human beings. The library can help us to educate ourselves without going to school as well as college.

Also, a strong desire of a man is the best way of being a success, reading makes our life better & meaningful as well as helps us to live a comfortable life. Maybe it also displays racial discrimination between Negroes & white Americans.

Critical Thinking

In this essay, Richard is an education lover who was very much inspired by the books. And it also inspired me a lot.

However I have some doubts about some statements in this text,

  • Can a man easily make himself educated without going to school or college?
  • Can a man easily read books without earlier going to school?
  • Was there such a great racial discrimination between the blacks & the whites?

Hence, I am not fully satisfied with this text.


Before reading this text I did have not a good knowledge of library & library cards, also I was not conscious of education. But after reading this text I came to know the Importance of education & library in the life of humans. So, I have decided to read more books to make myself educated to live a comfortable life.

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