Four Levels of To His Coy Mistress

To His Coy Mistress Four Levels

Four Levels of the poem To His Coy Mistress are:

Literal Comprehension

“To His Coy Mistress” is a poem written by the English Metaphysical Poet Andrew Marvell. In this poem, the writer emphasizes physical love.

The writer says we have insufficient time. The writer describes his coyness as beloved. He says your coyness is worthless.

If I have enough time for 100 years I would praise you. If I have enough time for 200 years I worship for you. And I rest for 30,000 years and at the last age, I will see your heart.

Also, when I propose to you, immediately do not accept or reject me. Again and again, I propose to you, and, again and again, you do not accept or reject me.

This way our love story will be very long. The writer also says, that keeping your virginity safe is worthless, you should enjoy it in youth.

If in youth you are not enjoying after death in the ground worms will destroy your virginity. In this way, the writer said we have insufficient time and we have to enjoy our life while we are in youth age.


The writer shows his inner feelings, sexual desire, and physical enjoyment instead of spiritual love to his coy mistress. The main theme of this poem is that it shows the omnipotent of the time and we are all helpless in front of time.

Also, we have insufficient time and we should fulfill our desires and enjoy our life when we are young otherwise in our old age we have nothing to share.

And the writer says we have a very short time so we make our life unforgettable in our youth age.

Critical Thinking

According to the types of love, there are two types of love physical love and spiritual love. But in this poem, the writer only talks about physical love instead of spiritual love.

He does not talk about spiritual love so, he seems one-sided. Physical love is possible only when two people are together, without another person physical love is not possible.

But spiritual love is possible with or without another person’s presence. Thus, I am not fully satisfied with this text.


After reading this poem “To His Coy Mistress” I learned spiritual love is more beautiful than physical love. So I have decided in the way of my life, if I met a girl who is born to me I will love her full of my heart and never leave her until my last breath.

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