Four Levels of We Are Breaking The Silence About Death

We Are Breaking The Silence About Death Four Levels

Four levels of the story We Are Breaking The Silence About Death are as follows:

Literal Comprehension

“We Are Breaking The Silence About Death” is a story written by Daniel Goleman. In this story Elizabeth Kubler – Rose is doing research on 600 patients in the hospital.

According to her people are not properly informed about their health/death condition in the hospitals because doctors are not telling them. Where patients are not knowing why they are dying.

But Elizabeth broke this rule and in her research, she found there are five stages of the death of the patients. The first stage is denial, here patients/people are not accepting death easily.

The second stage is anger, knowing about death patients become too angry with doctors and curious about why it is happening.

The third stage is bargaining, here they bargain with God. The fourth stage is depression, where they are hopeless, helpless, pessimistic feeling, and thinking about death.

And, the last stage is acceptance, they easily accept death and want to die as fast as possible.


This story interprets that patients should be informed about their health/death conditions and not keep it secret because one day death is sure.

The death of patients is not a crime but it is a natural process. Being too much afraid of death is worthless.

And this story claims that after denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance death is sure.

Critical Thinking

Yes, patients should be informed about their health condition but for some patients, it is a difficult situation because they can lose their confidence, they will be horrified, and sudden death can be there.

So in all situations informing is not a suitable solution. Also, some questionable aspects are:

  • How is it possible to predict the stages of death?
  • Is it possible to survive for the patient by bargaining with God?
  • Is possible to imagine life after death?
  • How can a person easily accept death?


After this text “We Are Breaking The Silence About Death”, I realized that one day death is sure for everyone. No one can escape from death because it is a natural process. So I decided to always tell true words because lying can be caught one day.

People also asked for:

What are the five stages of death in the story we are breaking the silence about death.

The five stages of death are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and last is acceptance.

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