Four Levels of Where The Mind Is Without Fear

Where The Mind Is Without Fear Four Levels

The four Levels of the Poem “Where The Mind is Without Fear” are as follows:

Literal Comprehension

“Where The Mind is Without Fear” is a poem written by Rabindranath Tagore. In this poem, the writer prays to God for the heavenly country.

Where no people feel fear, they are equally respected by each other. Where the whole world is one country, no border can separate the countries.

Where people talk truth from the depth. Where people get their perfection. Where people get knowledge freely. Where people do not follow superstitious thoughts but rather find the truth.

Where the people hold their heads high with better identity and dignity.


Maybe this poem trying to tell us the importance of freedom from every negativity in human life. The importance of education and knowledge in human life.

The writer tries to create a heavenly nation with free knowledge, fearless conditions, new thoughts, no discrimination, new ideas, and a high head of people.

Critical Thinking

The theme of “Where is The Mind Without Fear” is everyone’s dream. In a positive view, everyone wants to live a heavenly life. However, some question arises from this poem.

  • Is it possible to make a heavenly country by praying to God?
  • How can we survive without fear?
  • Is it possible to make a heavenly country by only dreaming?
  • How is it possible to provide education freely?


After reading this poem, it encourages me to do work that would help people who are unable. So I decided one day in the future I will open a Non-Profit Organization so that poor people of my country will get a chance to achieve their dreams.

Where poor children whose families are not able to afford the education fees will get free education in my organization. If I can not open the organization I will work on such an organization.

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