A Tale Four Levels and Summary

A Tale Four Levels

Four levels of the story A Tale are as follows:

Literal Comprehension

“A Tale” is an ancient story written by Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala and later translated and edited by Shreedhar Lohani. It is a story of many many years ago at the time of God’s existence.

There were conflicts between gods and demons and they used to get support from humans. In those days, a man left his home, family, friends, village, and other happiness and went to the jungle to search for enlightenment.

And started penance to get power like God. During his penance, in the winter season, he penances in the river, and in the summer season in front of the fire without eating and taking rest.

The wild animals like rabbits, birds, deer, tigers, and other animals were enjoying each other around him. After some time he got the power of God, however, he is still in his penance.

Seeing this, God Indra felt jealous of him and made the plan to destroy his penance. And God Indra sent a Nymph when he was into the river (water) that nymph was also bathing there.

Unfortunately, he opened his eyes and destroyed his penance. At the same time, he proposed to her, and both were involved in marriage. Again he started lining up domestic life.

After passes of the years, they have two children. But their societies people think that the nymph who destroyed his penance, they are looking at her in bad ways.


Maybe this story trying to show us God’s jealous nature while seeing others getting the same power God has. The pleasure of enlightenment and the pleasure of family are the same.

To get spiritual happiness we have to sacrifice physical happiness. Also, it shows that a woman can steal and destroy anything that a man has if the man is attracted to that woman.

Critical Thinking

The story is very interesting to read and humorous. Where it shows the nature of men towards women. However, some questionable aspects of this tale are:

  • Is it possible to survive in the presence of wild animals?
  • How can we believe that deer and tigers are playing with each other?
  • If there is no difference between the pleasure of the enlightened and the pleasure of family then why people involve in penance?
  • Is it possible to survive without taking any drops of water?
  • Can a man survive by sitting in front of a fire during the whole summer season?


When I read this text it reminded me of the event that happened in Nepal. During the Dashain, a man grows sprouts of barley (Jamaraa) on his chest in 8 days. But when Dashain passed he escaped with one girl and was involved in marriage.

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