Four Levels of Invitation – Flax Golden Tales

Four Levels of Invitation

Here are the four levels of the poem “Invitation” by Shel Silverstein:

Literal Comprehension

Shel Silverstein, the American poet, invites readers of various natures to join him in creating “Flax Golden Tales.”

The invitation is extended to dreamers, liars, hopers, and pretenders, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity.

The poem emphasizes the imaginative and adventurous nature of the tales they will create together, reiterating the invitation four times.


“Invitation” seeks to foster a strong readership, particularly among the younger generation who may lack interest in literature.

Silverstein suggests that many young people may not have been properly encouraged to read, leading them to engage in other activities like pretending or lying.

By inviting readers to participate in storytelling, the poet hopes to ignite their imagination, creativity, and enjoyment of literature.

Critical Thinking

The poem aims to promote creativity and productivity by encouraging good reading habits.

However, questions arise about the effectiveness of an invitation without genuine interest, prompting critical reflection on the importance of passion in engaging with literature.


Before reading the poem, the reader lacked a strong passion for literature, favoring other activities like music, song, and sports.

Reading “Invitation” prompted the reader to realize the value of literature and creative works as sources of entertainment and enrichment.

The poem inspires an appreciation for how individuals can engage with literature, regardless of their background or nature.

In summary, Invitation by Shel Silverstein encourages readers to embrace literature, participate in storytelling, and find joy in creative expression while prompting critical reflection on the importance of genuine interest and passion in engaging with literature.

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