Four Levels of Third Thoughts

Third Thoughts Four Levels

Four levels of the story Third Thoughts are:

Literal Comprehension

Third Thoughts is the story told by the writer’s friend. He is a small businessman who used to buy products at expensive prices and sell them at the very cheapest.

He is a very idealistic person. One day he bought a drawing made by Turner. It is worth only 10 shillings, so the dealer and buyer are confused it is original or not.

With the painting, he went to London and sold it for 50 pounds. He was so happy because it was a very high profit than he expected. After selling at a profit he thought, at first he decided to share 50% of his profit with the dealer.

And he wrote a letter to the dealer but having no stamp he is unable to send the letter. After some time he thought and decided to share the profit of only 10 pounds.

Again he thought 10 pounds was too much and he decided to share only 5 pounds of profit. Similarly, he again thought and decided to share only one pound of profit.

And, again he thought and went to the club, spent all his money on gambling, and lost all.

Finally, he thought, after buying anything there is no relation between seller and buyer. Also, in the business sector, everyone tries to get more profit. Through that type of his thoughts, he satisfied himself.


The story presents the changing nature, thoughts, and weaknesses of human beings. Shows the impulsive, highly emotional, and idealistic nature of human beings, in that situation writer’s friend is presented.

Also taught, that after buying things there is no relation between buyer and seller. Also, it says to be a good businessman we need tactical and reasonable thinking.

Critical Thinking

Some unsatisfied points after reading this text are,

  • How is it possible for the businessman to buy goods expensive and sell them to the very cheapest?
  • How can we believe that the selling man has not been informed about their goods or products?
  • Is it possible to find such an idealistic person as the writer’s friend in the business sector?


Before reading this text I used to think that it is not necessary to keep our thoughts constant. I don’t care about my promises.

But after this text, I knew that we should make our thoughts constant and promises should be constant to be a good person as well as to be a good businessman.

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