Four Levels of Who Was To Blame

Who Was To Blame Four Levels

Four levels of Who Was to Blame are,

Literal Comprehension

Who was to blame is a story written by Anton Chekhov. In this story, the writer compared him with two months of little Kitten (a Cat).

In the writer’s childhood, his uncle was a teacher, who taught him the Latin language but he was unable to understand that language. In the writer’s home, there are many mice, they disturb his uncle and tear the books but the little kitten can not catch those mice.

The writer’s uncle decided to take a mousetrap, and after buying the mousetrap, he kept it in their home. In the evening there was a mouse trapped.

Then his uncle gets the little kitten near the mouse, where the writer and his uncle are gathered but the kitten is too much surprised and afraid and goes away from there.

On the second and third days, there was the same situation. On the fourth day, the kitten is also unable to catch a mouse, after seeing this behavior of the little kitten, his uncle becomes so much furious and throws the kitten away from him.

After one year the little kitten was changed into a large tomcat. When he is going to meet his girlfriend he sees a mouse and again he is afraid and runs away.

Seeing this the writer remembered his childhood days, those days he was unable to learn the Latin language like Kitten was unable to catch one of a mouse.


The main idea of this story is that human beings, as well as animals, can not be trained forcefully, by giving punishment or threatening, its result is counter-productive instead of this learning is possible at fresh, natural, happy, and romantic places as well as there must be a mutual understanding.

It also taught if one is afraid to learn anything it is difficult to learn forever. And without interest everything is worthless.

Critical Thinking

I am happy with reading this story, as it is interesting to read. However, I am not fully satisfied with some statements in this text.

  • Is it possible for the Tomcat to run away seeing a mouse? (Because catching mice is a natural strength of cats)
  • Is it possible to train animals like done by the writer’s uncle?
  • Why the writer’s uncle was not killing the mouse himself?
  • Is there only one cat to get rid of the house free from mice?


When I read this story “Who Was to Blame” it brings me back to my childhood days.

Those days I do not understand the English language also I am unable to solve Mathematical problems. But now I am 15, still not completely understanding the English language and Mathematical problems.

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