“Why Go To University?” Four Levels and Summary

Why Go To University? Four Levels

Four levels of Why Go To University are:

Literal Comprehension

Why Go To University is an essay written by Moti Nissani. This essay describes the importance of University or higher education.

In this essay, he has described it in 10 points or paragraphs. In the first paragraph, the writer said education’s most obvious advantages concern income and job opportunities. Second, knowledge has many other practical applications such as if you know about the motorcycle, you can save your money on repairs.

Third, according to educated people, they are not necessarily healthy but they are more likely to be healthy than tycoons or athletes.

Fourth, he described physical exercise. Fifth, he described cultural values. Sixth one of the most outstanding and lovable characteristics of children is inquisitiveness.

Seventh, going to University expands your social horizons. Eight, schooling increases our freedom. In ninth, described humans and planets, and at last, he described education concerns as to close link between schooling and democracy.


In this essay writer trying to tell us the importance of education in human life. Absolutely in present days, education is one of the most important parts of all humans.

He has said a University degree is very necessary to live a happy, comfortable, and meaningful life. It also provides various opportunities for jobs.

It helps the career development of citizens by moving illiterate people to literate. Similarly, to the country and also he has said that educated people get respect from their society.

Critical Thinking

This essay is very impressive as it describes the importance of schooling. However, after reading this essay I am not fully satisfied with some statements of this text as well as the writer.

  • Is only formal education important?
  • Can all University degree people have a job?
  • They are self-dependent without any job?
  • Can all educated people get respect from society?

In every sector, education is not given pleasure, so I am not fully satisfied.


Before reading this text I did have not good knowledge about the University’s degrees. And how and where it is useful.

But after reading this essay I have learned many things as well as the importance of schooling in our life. So, I have decided from now to read carefully my all books regularly to get a good percentage as well as a CGPA.

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